28 May

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” — Mark Twain

If you’re a wordsmith, you are already thinking, “Coach, what’s up with your use of the word attirement?"

Let me explain.

Life always gives you a second chance but you have to flip the switch in your brain in order to enjoy the best years of your life.

Years ago, I remember teaching in a junior high school. I hardly ever went into the staff room to spend time with my colleagues. The reason being is that they were continually looking at their watches and telling everyone how many years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds remained until their retirement.

That drove me nuts.

So I spent most of my time with the students.

Unfortunately, today lots of those beautiful people are no longer around.

I imagine that they looked at retirement as some magical realm where they could do absolutely nothing.

Doing nothing might work for some people but doing nothing with no purpose for most people is a direct and speedy route to one’s demise.

If we flip the switch in our brain towards attirement and not retirement, we could enjoy the best years of our life.

The word retirement says it all, to withdraw or cease.

Deep down in everyone’s psychological house is the innate desire to do something worthwhile and purposeful.

Without this we are already dead.

Consider putting on a new set of clothes, ideas, goals, aspirations, dreams, and absolutely anything that continues to provide you with purpose.

The masses will tell you to slow down.

We don’t have to slow down.

We have to speed up but calm down.

You have so many untapped talents that haven’t had the opportunity of sprouting towards fruition. There are so many things that you’ve wanted to do but never had the quality time to do them.

Don’t follow the masses that believe that they are in the final phase of their life.

This is only the beginning of an amazing journey for you.

The best years are still ahead and you only have to flip the switch in your brain and switch it to a new, different, exciting, unimaginable, and incredible idea that will catapult you towards your greatness.

Rekindle what you have always wanted at your core.

So here’s the question.

Attirement or retirement?

You clearly know the answer.

Stop thinking of yourself as a senior and rather look at yourself as a valuable, growing and nurturing human being.

In order to do this effectively, we must all revamp the way that we talk to ourselves 24/7 and 86,400 seconds of each glorious day.

For some of us, this will appear to be strange or unusual however the results are what we are after.

We don’t have to submit to retirement.

We can embrace attirement.

We just need to renew our purpose in order to embrace this newfound life and mindset.

When someone asks if you are retired respond with, “Actually, I’m attired. Thanks.

Coach Franco Cianflone


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