12 Dec

“Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.” -  Lao Tzu

You don't need their approval. You never did. You plopped out of your mother's womb and there you were naked and beautiful in your entire splendour.

Did someone say, "I don't think I like this baby? Maybe we should send it back to God”. I don't think so. You didn't need their approval then. You don't need their approval now and you don't need their approval ever.

Everything has a price and the price of approval is stress and anxiety. You don't need it and it's time to dump it. In order to avoid conflict, approval seekers are always willing to give in and accept the status quo.

You see it’s this conflict issue that always stifles approval seekers. Approval and self-esteem are two sides of the same coin. They are co-dependent and are continually trying to build each other up.

Manipulators love these approval seekers as they can get whatever they want all the time by focusing on their weaknesses. These people are just like piranhas.

In order to move forward towards freedom, you must begin to teach people how you want to be treated.

It’s called terms of engagement. This is a must. You must do this from the onset as no one can read your mind.

No one!

Don’t be a chameleon. Be real and tell people who you really are and what your boundaries are from the very beginning.

You don’t have to be rude, intolerant or stubborn but you must begin to be mentally tough.

Carpe Momentum

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