14 Jan

“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.” – Paulo Coelho

Saying goodbye is never easy.

Saying goodbye to a relationship, loved one, friend or vocation is hard.

Our hard-wired mind always wants us to focus on the issue, the tragedy, the loss or whatever.

Of course we need to process the issue, the tragedy, the loss etc. so it does not have any opportunity to find a lodging in your subconscious mind and continue to create havoc for years on end.

Trust your inner being that is desperately pleading with you to open a new door and say hello.

Do not succumb to this psychological warfare as some people simply become stuck and do not move on with their lives.

Being stuck really sucks so be very diligent about asking yourself the hard questions.

What was the relationship, loved one, friend or vocation really all about?

What did I learn?

The key is to experience and process the event to the best of your ability and often, this requires some time and effort.

If you’re saying goodbye to a relationship, the following is how I processed it years ago. The link for the musical selection is listed below.



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