25 Feb

"An inner knowing, along with a burning desire, is the prerequisite for becoming a person capable of manifesting his or her heart’s desires.” - Dr. Wayne Dyer

Recently, I met a young man on a flight to Orlando.

I noticed that he had a copy of Psycho-Cybernetics in his hand. I introduced myself and told him that this book by Maxwell Maltz was a great resource.

We continued to chat and share our common interest. He mentioned that the book was also a game changer for him.

Sometimes all it takes is a book or a word that propels one into this burning desire frequency.

The truth is that everyone wants to be, do or have more.

The only way to achieve this is to embrace information that resonates with your inner core. 

Internalize it with feeling and emotion and as a result, a burning desire will arise within.

You will feel alive and vibrant.

The explosive emotion in your mind, body and spirit will begin to create a volcano of powerful ideas.

The blood flowing through your body is electrified with passion and purpose.

Yes, you just woke up and experienced an explosive psychological impact. 

The status quo in your life just died and you flipped the switch in your brain from default to design.

Once an individual is plugged into this burning desire frequency, it is difficult for him or her to unplug. This frequency pulls one deeper and deeper into a vortex of continual powerful and proactive change.

Now your self-talk begins to change dramatically and you continue to grow exponentially one day at a time.

Ignite a burning desire within that once you see results, it becomes an addiction.

Coach Franco Cianflone


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