05 Feb

“The World Class is comfortable being uncomfortable.” – Steve Siebold

Who wants to be uncomfortable?


Anytime you attempt to do something new or different, the amygdala raises its protective, prehistoric armor in order to shield you from potential harm.

You must resist this and push forward as long as there is no real imminent danger to you or anyone else.

It will always feel uncomfortable when you try to either eradicate or move your picket fence boundaries in your life.

In order to create greater confidence with change, we need to dismantle the picket fence mentality.

Many beautiful people have a picket fence mentality. They absolutely know where their boundaries are located.

There are generally four solid corner posts that maintain their fence brilliantly. 

These are fear, security, image and purpose.

Don’t even think about moving their fence as this causes incredible stress and frustration in their lives.

They are going nowhere fast but it feels comfortable.

Conversely, the world class learns how to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Mental toughness assists with this process.

If you are currently uncomfortable, you are on the right track.

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