19 Dec

“Just keep your conscious mind busy with expectation of the best.” - Joseph Murphy

Are you a conscious competent or an unconscious competent?

If conditions and circumstances are controlling your results then you are living 100% on the physical plane of life via your sensory factors; see, here, smell, taste and touch.

Thinking is our highest functioning and mental activity does not constitute thinking. Your higher faculties is what separates you from all the rest of the animal kingdom.

The first type of individual is a conscious competent. This is an individual that is absolutely aware of the results that they receive. They clearly know why and how they obtain these results.

Understanding this allows them to continually work and live by design therefore achieving their desired results.

On the polar opposite, we have the individual that is the unconscious competent. These individuals still receive some results in their lives and in their business but basically they're operating by default and autopilot.

They're not working by design and therefore there is a yo-yo effect in obtaining results.

They are up and down intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially as the ego dominates their thoughts, feelings, actions and ultimate results.

If you want less drama in your life, strive to be a conscious competent.

Doing this allows you to better navigate the twists and turns of life.  

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