02 Dec

“When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, when the road you're trudging seems all uphill, when funds are low and the debts are high, and you want to smile but you have to sigh, when care is pressing you down a bit, rest if you must, but don't you quit.” – John Greenleaf Whittier

Most people quit just before the blessing.

We're not talking about religion or dogma. We're talking about spiritual awareness. We're talking about receiving what has already been intended.

Quitting acknowledges that you have a belief that you do not deserve the blessing and that is absolutely absurd.

It is only when it’s unimaginably difficult that you must not quit.

Essentially, get yourself out of your way so what must come to you will come to you in perfect alliance with the universe.

The universe does not have a sense of humor as it will deliver exactly what you are thinking and feeling 24/7 and 86,400 seconds of each glorious day.

There is more grace, more peace, more light, and more happiness in this world because of you.

At this moment, you should clearly realize and understand what a blessing you are to the people in your life.


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