05 May

“My circumstances do not make me what I am, they reveal who I have chosen to be.” — Dr. Wayne Dyer

To date there are approximately 7, 782,449,570 people in the world population and counting.

Three percent, 233,473,487 and growing of this world population understand that present circumstances do not count as they are continually evolving and changing.

Living by default and not design is a cop out and goes nowhere as we rely totally on present circumstances.

Present circumstances do not count as they are continually in a state of flux.

Focusing on present circumstances limits your ability to view the world beyond your personal perception.

We were all endowed with free will and this free will allows us to move past present circumstances and really see the possibilities beyond the circumstances.

Anytime that there is an event in our lives that does not fit into our compliant data bank, the amygdala is aroused. At this point, all hell can break loose unless we understand how to short circuit the connection between emotions surrounding the event and the amygdala.

The amygdala now kicks everything into high gear and explosive emotions derail any possible solution. It is always on the high alert to look for anything to fear.

Who is in control?

Understanding your physiology places you in the driver’s seat. As long as we are breathing, there will always be issues to deal with in life.

However, we want to be able to manage any possible fallout in order to thrive and not simply survive.

My definition of focus is fierce, optimum, concentration, unusually sustained.

Do not focus or rely on present circumstances.

Relying on present circumstances places all of us in a jail cell without any possibility of breaking out.

This is not easy but with discipline and persistence it soon becomes our autopilot mode of thinking when faced with unprecedented issues.

This video might be of assistance in understanding your physiology and therefore managing any anxiety.

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