21 Oct

“Fake friends; those who only drill holes under your boat to get it leaking; those who discredit your ambitions and those who pretend they love you, but behind their backs they know they are in to destroy your legacies.” -  Israelmore Ayivo 


B.Sc. Ed. M. Ed. LSC CS MENTAL TOUGHNESS FOR LIFE Certified Corporate Trainer, Educator, Business Consultant, Author & Entrepreneur. Franco Cianflone is a graduate of the internationally acclaimed Bill Gove Speech Workshop with a Corporate Speaker designation. 

His extensive corporate training includes Bob Proctor, Paul Martinelli, and training seminars/sessions with Steve Siebold, John Maxwell, Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, and many others. He is the author of sixteen books to date and co-founder of Mini Bytes For The Brain. 

Fifty years of Education and Business leadership compliments his mission to transform and catapult the results of individuals everywhere on the globe as far as Australia. His life mantra is, "Others will be looking at the fire while you are walking through the fire towards your victory and success”.

Definition of a fake book “A book that contains the melody lines of popular copyrighted songs without accompanying harmonies and that is published without the permission of the copyright owners” - Merriam Webster 

Fake books are very popular with musicians all over the world. They can perform gigs anywhere with one or two books that contain thousands of songs. 

Professional musicians can embellish the songs with altered chord progressions and create incredibly beautiful music. Some inexperienced musicians might end up actually doing injustice to the original song as there is only minimal bare bones of a melody and basic chord progressions. 

So, here is the point. 

What was intended to connect humanity in all corners of the globe has now disengaged people with hatred, disrespect, intolerance, and everything else that falls into this camp. 

Has this social media platform become a Fakebook?

Changing its name does not change its legacy at this point and time.

Unfortunately, this platform has allowed many otherwise good people to hide behind the veil of anonymity and spew hatred, intolerance, and everything else that falls into this category. 

These people would never do this if their real identity was exposed. However, you may blame all of these atrocities to AI robots. 

But who is programming these online barrages but more importantly who is directing and leading the charge? 

The almighty bottom line $ is fueling the Fakebook energy. Ultimately, hate begets hate and the cost is undeniably huge, emotionally, spiritually, and physically for all concerned. 

Hate creates imbalance.   

“The future belongs to brands that do more than play lip service to real dialogue and recognize that their customers want them to believe in something.” — James Murdoch

Some online platforms are increasingly becoming more responsive to this societal issue while others are simply only interested in their bottom line and advancing their personal and business agenda. As a result,   “Words are only words but action speaks volumes.” 

There are so many isolated narratives everywhere on the planet especially on social media platforms. 

There is always more to the story than an isolated narrative. 

Bob Moawad said, “The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. 

No apologies or excuses. 

No one to lean on, rely on or blame. 

The gift is yours — it is an amazing journey — and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. 

This is the day your life really begins.” 

It is no surprise to anyone. 

Professing honorable community standards and not adhering to them is simply lip service. 

The Fakebook’s stated corporate purpose: To give people the power to build community and bring the word closer together.” 

Ultimately lip service brings down any giant as the universe is always listening. 

Onward and Godward. 

Carpe momentum!   

Yours in success, 

Franco Cianflone 1 ON 1 COACHING 

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