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 “It is only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within ourselves that can never, ever, be dimmed.” – Doe Zantamata 

Nothing, ever great was accomplished by conforming to traditional modes of behavior or thinking. The everyday gadgets that provide us with comfort and ease were not born out of compliance with a fixed standard, regulation, or requirement.

Immediately fire the jailer and throw away the key, as the creative energy does not live there.

We are living in unprecedented times that require unprecedented thinking.

The enemy is not the coronavirus.

The enemy is fear.

Belief is the real superpower against this enemy.

Now is the time to believe in yourself like never before.

Others will be looking at the fire while you are walking through the fire towards your victory and success.

You are the front line and your invisible shield of protection is your belief in your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

You are not impervious to fear and anxiety however your fearless actions in trust and humility will provide you with the armor that is required in these unprecedented times.

You are more powerful than you have ever been in your lifetime as you do have the capacity and ability to direct and influence the behavior of others and the corresponding course of events.

So what does believe, mean to you?

To me, it means the following.

B represents bold

Be bold. Don’t be timid. Go out and claim what is rightfully yours. It doesn’t mean that you need to be arrogant, stubborn, or impolite. No, it means to be bold with confidence. Lead with servant leadership.

E represents excellence

Start something and yes finish it. The x is when you started. The y is when you finish it. A lot of people begin all kinds of projects and all kinds of tasks but somehow they get derailed. They get derailed because they allow present circumstances to influence their thinking, their decision-making, and their present moment happiness. Present circumstances don’t count. Present circumstances never count, as they are continually moving and evolving.

L represents love

Do it with passion. Do it with love. Do not do it with mediocrity. Mediocrity does not take you where you want to be. Love always directs you efficiently and fruitfully.

I represents invest

Invest in yourself. Listen to audios. Read books. Create mentorship in your life. Understand that knowledge is potential power but it only becomes real power when you put it into action. Until we act nothing ever really happens.

E represents energy

Without the energy there is nothing. There is a complete void. Power that energy with your passion and with your purpose and watch what happens in your life and in your business.

V represents victory

Be victorious in your thinking. Already think of the outcome before you even begin and the outcome needs to be positive, powerful, and proactive. Don’t live where the 97% live because they always allow present circumstances to influence absolutely everything in their lives.

E represents extract

Absolutely extract yourself from your current paradigm. Extract yourself from that bondage that is holding you back from your greatness. You were created for greatness and not for lack and limitation.

Claim what is rightfully yours right now. Step out of that skin. Step out of that body and absolutely move forward and don’t allow anything or anyone to crush you or derail you from your greatness.

You are all great and you have incredible powerful energy within you.

Begin to operate from the inside out and not from the outside in. That devious manipulative X factor in your psychological house is always waiting to crush you and bring you down.

 It’s a psychological game that most people lose.


They’re not even aware that it’s there.

And when you least expect it, it’s ready to pounce on you because everything is going great and you start to vegetate a little bit and there it is sneaking up behind you, crafting devious schemes to derail you from your chosen path and your victory.

Create your own believe.

What does it mean for you?

When you integrate your belief with behavior everything changes magically.

You become a different person.

The old program, the old paradigm is slowly being eradicated from your life.

So, be bold.

Be excellent.

Be in love with what you’re doing.


Be energetic.

Be victorious and absolutely extract yourself from your current program.

Whether we admit it or not, we are all interconnected and interdependent with varying degrees of frequencies.

Our responsibility to each other especially in these unprecedented times is to be vitally concerned and diligent in recognizing the kind of ideas that we are emotionally entertaining as a result of this present circumstance.

This too shall pass and the best is yet to come for you.

Carpe Momentum

Franco Cianflone


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