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“In the last century, science and technology have grown so fast, but psychology has stayed far behind. It’s time for psychology to catch up with science and technology. It’s time for us to change our beliefs about the human mind, and what I see right now is almost an emergency, because with computers and the Internet the way they are right now, lies can go all around the world very quickly and get completely out of control.” – Don Miguel Ruiz Don Jose Ruiz

Emotional intelligence and mental toughness are the pillars towards promoting intelligent ideas throughout the planet.

Emotional intelligence creates responsive thinking, feelings, actions and results.

The opposite of this creates reactive thinking, feelings, actions and results.

The latter is rampant throughout media at all levels in our society.

Thank God that we are not all the same otherwise humanity would have a very boring experience. However, if more people understood the true power of the human mind and its ability to solve issues or problems, then there just might be fewer uncontrollable and out of control lies going around the world.

What we need to do is to attract these four friends into our existence. They are dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin and serotonin. Attract these four friends and one has the ability to manage excuses, no goals, no energy, no health, apathy, anger, hatred, distrust and no love.

Guard your thoughts with this script by Dr. Joseph Murphy in order to quell the toxic intruding thoughts. “Be still, be quiet. I am in control. You must obey me. You are subject to my command. Get out and stay out.”

Your deeper mind has no clue what is real or imagined and only executes the marching orders.

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