13 May

“You can have anything you want if you dress for it.” — Edith Head

The following story will illustrate this perfectly.

Several years ago, I met a young man by the name of Paul. He was living in Pittsburgh cleaning toilets and washing floors. He also had a stuttering problem. He soon realized that he really didn’t want to clean toilets or wash floors any longer.

In order to change his life, he started reading and dreaming about who he could really become. He studied, read, and began to change his demeanor significantly.

One day, he decided to move to Florida. He wanted to live on an island near this famous golfer. This was a great idea but not realistic without the $$$$$$$. He began to think about the how.

How could he achieve this dream?

In his travels to better himself, he met a guy by the name of Robert. Robert took him under his wing and helped him incredibly. Ultimately, Robert became Paul’s mentor.

Paul said that he really wanted to do what Robert was doing. So Robert asked Paul to bring his best attire and meet him at the hotel. Paul asked, “Where is the hotel?” Robert replied, “It’s in Toronto”.

“Are you kidding?” retorted Paul.

“Well, you said that you wanted to do what I was doing. Right?”

So Paul jumped on a flight and went to Toronto to meet Robert’s tailor.

Soon, Paul looked so sharp in his new threads and as a result his self-image rocketed to warp speed. He was now a new man inside!

He was so excited about his new look that he began to give talks and presentations.

As a result, Paul and Robert were traveling as a team all over the world and earning huge dollars.

Robert said, “Dress for the part and dress for success if you really want the money”.

The rest is history. Paul and Robert told this story to me.

Paul is Paul Martinelli and Robert is Bob Proctor. Bob Proctor is the CEO of Proctor/Gallagher Institute, a global coaching, & training company.

Paul is the President of the John Maxwell Team, an international consultant training organization.

You know what you want.

Rehearse the part.

Play the part.

Dress for the part!


Without question!

Is it time to seize your moment?

Ask Seth Godin.

“How can you squander even one more day not taking advantage of the greatest shifts of our generation? How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?

Check out The Purple Cow by Seth Godin and you will understand the latter.

This is your time to be great. This is your time to be innovative.

This is your time to create and crush the status quo. 

This is your time!

Unleash that unstoppable, creative force within you and warp speed your way to success.

Your spirit is much stronger, much more resilient than present circumstances that may attempt to derail or immobilize your efforts. 

The human spirit cannot be broken. 

Nothing can keep a committed person from success.

Coach Franco Cianflone


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