10 Feb

“What oxygen is to the lungs, such is hope to the meaning of life” - Emil Brunner

Hope is the necessary fuel that propels your life towards events and circumstances that you desire and deserve.

Hope also ignites powerful ideas that begin as a fantasy; moves into a theory and ultimately manifests itself into a fact.

This ingredient alone provides you with more energy, more passion, and more determination.

Simply more of everything in order to accomplish what you want!

If you’re breathing, and not simply on life support, you must possess a belief system of attitudes and values that are continually evolving

Without hope, one is barely existing.

Sometime ago, I met an individual that was being treated with an experimental drug for stage four cancer. He mentioned that he didn’t have much faith in the drug and its possibility of slowing down the cancer before it's too late.

I said, “What happens when everyone tells you to fold your suitcase and go home and die?”

He replied, “Don’t be offended but I don’t believe in religion or God.”

I said, “ I’m not referring to religion but rather a spiritual awareness of something greater than all of us.”

Before I left, I said to him, “Do you believe in hope?”

After that last question, there was a still calmness in the air.

Coach Franco

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