24 May

“You’re not in the darkness of the tomb. You’re in the darkness of the womb.” — Joel Osteen

Victory and rebirth are waiting for you outside this current worldwide affliction.

To better understand the transformational process that will take place, consider the following.

Firstly, success is energy in its most organized state.

The opposite of success is failure that is energy in its most confused state.

Everything is energy period and understanding this premise is fundamental on how not to live defeated regardless of present circumstances.

Energy changes from one form to another.

Energy just is.

It cannot be created or destroyed.

Energy is forever moving into form.

How not to live defeated is found in the Law of Cause and Effect.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause.

Be at cause for what you desire, and you will get the effect.

All thought is creative, so be careful what you wish for… you will get it.

How to apply it: Consistently think and act on what you desire to be effective at getting it.

Hopefully, the image below will clarify the process.

The frequency of your mind, body and spirit (how you think, feel and act), creates a specific energy in a vibrational mode.

Water in bodies of water ultimately returns to its source of origination (left side above).

The physical ultimately returns to its source of origination (middle of image above).

The physical goal (idea) that is coupled with your intellectual faculties (will, imagination, memory, perception, intuition and reason) and fixed with a strong and crystal clear, unwavering image must return to its source of origination (right side above).

To a great degree we are all creating our own destiny.

How many individuals do you know or have read about their success in life?

Many of these people had a very limited education and not the best upbringing but somehow they managed to rise to the top.

We cannot control what is outside of us but we can control what goes on inside.

It always boils down to a choice.

We can choose to react or we can choose to respond.

Many beautiful people on the planet will never have the opportunity to be exposed to this information.

You do.

Utilize this information as this Law of Cause and Effect is only one of the 7 fundamental Laws of the Universe.

Knowledge is only potential power until we put it into action.

You are intelligent, strong, calm, steady, full of life and full of energy.


Coach Franco Cianflone


Carpe Momentum

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