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“If we can fall in love with serving people, creating value, solving problems, building valuable connections and doing work that matters, it makes it far more likely we're going to do important work.” - Seth Godin 

The 20th century phrase was carpe diem, however the 21st century cutting edge phrase, is carpe momentum. 


Seize the moment and seize your greatness. 

Here is an example of providing more value than anyone else. 

The "Real" Real Estate Story

There once was a young boy that really wanted to succeed. 

He would always say, "When I grow up, I'm going to be a Real Estate agent and become a millionaire." 

This boy lived in an upscale neighborhood with very large and expensive homes. 

When he grew up, he passed the exam and received his Real Estate license. 

He was so excited to start his career and make a ton of money. 

He delivered beautiful glossy flyers to all the homes in his neighborhood. He developed business cards that were out of this world with a built-in microchip that would play an audio describing his services. 

He even displayed his services on park benches and billboards. 

After some time, he was becoming very frustrated and confused as to why no one called, not even one person. 

He couldn't understand why he wasn't getting any calls especially when he grew up in the neighborhood. 

People in the area said that he was a nice kid but only twenty years old and lacked experience. They didn't want a kid selling their million dollar homes. 

Then a home on his street came up for sale. 

Within two days another real estate agent from another area sold it. 

Now, he was upset and angry. 

He said, "This is my neighborhood and I should have sold it". 

At this time, a garbage disposal strike was in full gear. All of the neighbor's garbage was piling up and the neighborhood smelled bad. People were getting upset that the strike had lasted as long as it did. They were paying huge taxes for their homes and weren't getting any service. 

The young boy came up with an ingenious plan. 

He said, "All that I have to do is give these people in my neighborhood more value than any other Real Estate agent.” 

So, he hired a private garbage disposal company to remove all the garbage that had accumulated. 

When the neighborhood woke up on Monday, they noticed that all the piled-up garbage was finally gone. 

They called each other and said, "Thank God that stupid strike is finally over".   When they turned on the news, they all realized that the strike was still happening. 

The strike had not ended. 

The buzz in the neighborhood was, "Who picked up the garbage?" 

As soon as they found out who paid for the pick-up, they wanted to help the young man by giving him some money. 

He said, "No way, I just wanted to help. This is my neighborhood and I am proud to live here".  

He said, “If you want to do something, just think of me when you sell your home.” 

Ultimately, he sold every single home that came up for sale in his neighborhood. 

His commission for these sales was over $3,000,000 and his creative and ingenious advertising campaign cost $4,000. 

Create more value than anyone else and you will win every single time.

At age 23, he became a millionaire. 

His passion and discontent allowed him to breakthrough. 

Never, ever underestimate the power, passion, persistence, and determination of anyone that is on a mission towards their goal. 

How will you add more value than anyone else? 

Carpe Momentum.


Seize the moment 

Franco Cianflone


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