16 Feb

“Imagine playing football on an unmarked field of green; not a goal line to be sought and not a goal post to be seen. It would be an aimless battle were there is nothing to be gained; without a thing to strive for, not a score to be attained.” – Art Holst

No goal line.

No goal post.

No direction whatsoever.

Busy but going nowhere fast!

Discover your purpose and your purpose unveils all the pieces of the puzzle that provide the GPS that you need in order to navigate towards your amazing results.

Most of us spend more time planning what to eat for dinner than we spend planning for our lives.

If we don’t have a vision, then we will create the life we have always known.

If our vision isn't anchored in our purpose then we will get off track.

Our goals are the means by which we reach our vision that is driven by purpose.

Your goals should scare and excite you.

97% always ask, “How am I going to do this?”

Do not ask how are you going to do it, as this will derail the creative process.

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