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“Impossible situations can become possible miracles.” - Robert H. Schuller

According to most sources, a miracle is an act that defies the laws of nature.

Actually, they exist and are all around us each day.

However, these things called eyes only allow us to see what is physically in front of us.

Let’s see now; you can actually breathe without a lung machine or walk without support or read without having to learn Braille.


Begin with these and you will begin to see the rest.

Begin with an inner eye of understanding however; there is a caveat to this as the internet is riddled with conjecture.

But don’t let that stop you.

You might as well jump right in; all the way in.

If you don’t get wet and dirty then you won’t experience the fun of it all.


You guessed it!

It means leaving the old jail cell of limited vision and throwing away the key towards freedom.

It’s scary but it’s worth it!

It’s called life and it’s called living with full throttle!

Our thoughts can either energize or consume us as they trigger our personal perception.

As a result our physical eyes have limited vision.

Some people have 20/20 vision but our inner eye of understanding vision is far superior than our physical eyes.

Choose uplifting, propelling, vibrant and joyous thoughts that escalate your vibration and ultimately connect you to the frequency that will deliver the results that you desire and deserve.

Understanding your human physiology is helpful.


The event good, bad, or indifferent triggers the Amygdala/lizard brain.

The Amygdala scans your data bank (all of your experiences good, bad or indifferent) and then sends an electrical message to your central nervous system based on information that is in your data bank.

The end result is either chaos or peace of mind.

Here’s how it works in real life.

Thoughts, feelings etc. via the physical senses and especially your physical eyes, enter the brain at the spinal cord and have to travel all the way to the front of the brain before you can think rationally about the experience.

All this stuff has to travel through the limbic system (feeling) before it gets to the area where rational thought is experienced.

It’s not that complicated as when we are so tightly wound up with the issue, it has very little chance of getting to the front of the brain.

We've all been there.

For better results, choose your inner eye of understanding vision.

Carpe Momentum

Franco Cianflone


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