25 Mar

“Be awake. Don’t lose your spiritual edge.” – Father Kevin Bettens

Father Kevin Bettens stated this in one of his sermons some time ago, “Be awake. Don’t lose your spiritual edge.” 

Your spiritual edge provides you with the sixth sense that I was referring to in an earlier book. This spiritual edge provides you with the freedom that is the innate quest of all human beings that breathe and live passionately not only through their words but their action.

Everyone is engaged in his or her own metamorphosis similar to a butterfly. However, this life cycle is different for everyone. No one ever arrives as we are always growing and learning.

These F.I.R.E. (fantastically, inspired, raw, energy) people are inspired beyond the usual parameters of human inspiration. This inspiration is embedded into their DNA. My personal definition for DNA is, dare to nurture all that is within you.

A lot of beautiful people are inspired to a degree however when life smashes them in the face they succumb to the energy of the enemy. I prefer to call it the X factor but you can give it any label that you wish.

The X factor has one mission and that is to bring you down and prevent you from growing inspirationally. It’s primary purpose is to convince you that in order to understand life, one can only view it with the sensory factors; i. e. see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

This infamous X factor will do absolutely anything to manipulate you in anyway possible by digging into its bag of tricks in order to deceive you.

Its ploy always appears to be rational but it is deception at the highest level. Any attempt to utilize the intellectual faculties; i.e. will, intuition, memory, perception, imagination and reason are immediately squashed.

The X factor loves to maintain control by keeping most people prisoners in their limbic system of their brain. 

The emotional fallout rests here and it is intense.

This might be a good time to understand and utilize this information in order to preserve your emotional intelligence.

Coach Franco Cianflone


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