03 Nov

What is risk?

Risk is the realization that you can actually be, do or have more in your life. Investigate and explore all options that allow you to grow as a valuable and nurturing human being. 

All the power is internal and not external. 

As Dr. Thurman Fleet stated , “Treat the cause and not the symptoms.” A few years ago, a gentleman went to his doctor and asked him what was the cause of his ailment. The doctor responded, “We don’t know the cause, we just treat the symptoms.” 

How can we possibly get better results if we don’t treat the cause so it doesn’t come back to haunt us again? We want to begin to think by design. We are the designers of our lives by our thoughts, feelings and actions. Living by default is a cop out and goes nowhere as we rely totally on present circumstances. 

Present circumstances do not count as they are continually changing. Focusing on present circumstances limits your ability to view the world beyond your personal perception. God gave all of us free will and this free will allows us to move past present circumstances and really see the possibilities. 

Embrace fear with courage.

Courage is acting in the face of fear. Courage is absolutely essential if a person wants to realize their dreams and live in freedom. There’s a whole big wide world of magnificence out there and you can have it but you must believe in yourself and persevere. 

Life = Risk,  so me must risk in order to be, do or have more.

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