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"It's amazing what ordinary people can do if they set out without preconceived notions." - Charles F. Kettering

Who or what was given the authority to implant these ridiculous preconceived notions in our heads as to what we can or cannot accomplish with our life?

Eradicate this stuff once and for all and choose to be, do or have anything that your heart desires.

Burn the bridge behind you.

Discard the safety net and anything else that is stopping you.

There are so many ordinary individuals that created change and left a legacy for years to come.

All of these people were ordinary but possessed an extraordinary trait.

Here are just a few of these amazing ordinary people.

Rosa Parks

  • Refused to submit to the lay of the land at the time and as a result pivoted the Civil Rights Movement.

Malala Yousafzai

  • Spoke out about girls being denied an education in Pakistan.
  • The Malala fund charity was initiated in order for every girl to have the opportunity.
  • Recipient of the Nobel Peace Price at age 17.

Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Recognized for his incredible role in the civil rights movement.
  • Influenced humanitarian rights and actions.
  • Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize 1964

Nelson Mandela

  • Jailed for 27 years for his anti-apartheid efforts.
  • Spearheaded the end of apartheid in South Africa.
  • Ultimately, became the president of South Africa.
  • Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize 1964

These people were ordinary but extraordinary at the same time as they were not afraid to express their innate desire to create change.

It’s called a burning desire.

Their flame was so vivid and extremely hot with purpose, love and decisive action.

Their stories inspired this quote that I created.

“Others will be looking at the fire while you are walking through the fire towards your victory and success.”

These people actually internalized this flame with feeling and emotion and as a result, a burning desire arose within.

They felt alive and vibrant.

The explosive emotion in their mind, body and spirit created a volcano of powerful ideas.

The blood flowing through their body was electrified with passion and purpose.


Their passion and purpose were ignited and thus they experienced an explosive psychological impact.

As a result, the status quo in their life died and they flipped the switch in their brain from default to design.

They were extraordinary and nothing was going to stop them as any preconceived notions were tossed aside.

Carpe Momentum

Franco Cianflone


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