05 Dec

“When life hands you dirt plant seeds”. - Matshona Dhliwayo

Plant your seed with passion, love and everything else that gets you to your destination. You accomplish this by defining your very own personal culture.

If you’re breathing and not simply on life support you must possess a belief system of attitudes and values that are continually evolving.

Without a distinct personal culture, an individual is doomed to failure.

This culture is developed through leadership. You lead from within and aim towards your target. Don't sidebar yourself even though people will doubt your direction.

Discipline yourself to what needs to be done without anyone telling you.

Do what others won’t do.

Expect to get there with expectation and gratitude and be responsible for your decisions, actions & results, as the blame game no longer exists here.

The question that you should ask yourself before you go to sleep tonight is who am I becoming?

Carpe Momentum

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