29 Jan

“Many people are living in the safe zone. But I want to get you over into the faith zone.” – Joel Osteen


97% would love to accomplish something great in their life.

However, they don’t act and nothing happens!

It’s a big beautiful world. Use your talents wisely and don’t play it safe ever.

Ignite a burning desire for success within that once you see results it becomes an addiction.

Get addicted to your success.

Once addicted, no one will ever have to tell you to get on with it.

From the second that we are born, we are told, “be careful, don't go there, and don’t do that, that's too risky, you'll get hurt.” It's a never ending 78 LP like we used to have in years gone by.

The truth is that when you stretch your hand out of your safe zone another hand is already stretching to meet you in the faith zone.

Simply, faith is fearless actions in trust and humility.

Try it!

It works perfectly every single time.

So, don’t play it safe ever.

Coach Franco

Carpe Momentum

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