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“Touch a thistle timidly and it pricks you; grasp it boldy and its spines crumble”. – Admiral William F. Halsey

It’s your life.

Step out boldly and claim what is rightfully yours. Action disintegrates doubt and fear.

Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls”.

How do I know what my bliss is?

Stop walking on eggshells.

If you do you will discover your bliss.

When you do, you will uncover what a graduate of the Mental Toughness For Life Peak Performance seminar discovered.

In his own words, he stated, “Live it! Love it! Become it! Welcome it!”

This idiomatic phrase, walking on eggshells is notorious for crushing transparent and integral communication.

“Oh, I’ll just tell them what they want to hear and not what’s really on my mind. After all, I don’t want to ruffle any feathers.”

Some people are overly cautious when dealing with a person that gets angry or offended very easily.

As a result, they are very cognizant not to upset the apple cart.

Their lizard brain tells them to back off, you’re walking on thin ice, tread lightly and make sure that you pussyfoot around this issue.


However, you don’t have to be rude, impolite, intolerant, disrespectful and just plain stupid.




To the best of your ability, respond with transparent and integral dialogue.

Walking on eggshells simply intensifies the drama until an issue arises and creates an emotional explosion that is sometimes irreparable.

Half of the time, some people are not even aware that they are doing or saying something that raises someone’s red flag of disapproval or disappointment.

You are only responsible for your own thoughts, feelings, actions and results.

When eggshells appear on the scene deal with it with transparency without shoving them under the carpet.

Living in this manner allows you to pursue your bliss regardless of present circumstances.

Listen to that inner voice that has been summoning you for some time now.

Waiting is indecision that derails forward movement of your goals, aspirations and dreams.

As you begin to gain momentum in your quest for your success, some people will fade into the sunset or begin to take notice.

Now, how many people can really survive this uphill battle? Most of them have already packed up their suitcase and moved back to status quo lane.

You see it’s comfortable there.

Nobody is going to ridicule you as everyone is on an even keel.

Don’t rock the boat.

Do your job.

Do the best that you can with what you have and then you die?

I don’t think so!

There is more to life than the latter. When you strive and work towards something huge in your life you feel alive and vibrant. Every single cell of your body says thank you to you. You will think that you’ve had enough but something inside of you is pressing you to move forward.

What is it?

It’s that burning desire within you that is seeking expression without, regardless of present circumstances

If you are driven internally, you are driven by your purpose and not by the status quo.

Set your sights right now on the environment that will allow you to grow and you will instantly find the right fit.

My definition of the word focus is “Fierce optimum concentration unusually sustained.”

Focus only on what you want to achieve.

The universe has big eyes, big ears and laser-focused attention on what you ask for, good, bad or indifferent every single day of your life.

Do not be deceived by the autocratic nature of how you are going to achieve your heart’s desire, as this controlling force will crush any aspiration towards oblivion. Remember, dinosaurs are long gone.

Embrace your day with piranha activity.

When everyone is starting to relax into the status quo mode you pick up steam and energize towards your finish line.

Understand that success is selfish, as it doesn’t wait for anyone or anything.

It is rude, impolite and has no manners.

It will take any path but you must have nerves of steel, the patience of Job, the passion of Jobs and the intellect of Musk.

More importantly, you must be you and no one else.

Success waits for no one.

Be a game changer and reinvent your game every single day so you don’t become extinct.

You only need one idea to transform your life.

Determine how to create more value than anyone else on the face of the earth.

Live it!

Love it!

Become it!

Welcome it!”

You deserve it.

Carpe Momentum

Franco Cianflone


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