01 Jan

 “Teachers open the doors but you must you must enter by yourself.” – Chinese Proverb

Knowledge is potential power but it is only real power when we act and utilize this power effectively.

How do I use it efficiently when I need it?

You can use this very effectively however you have to step up your level of awareness big time.

I don’t intend to be rude but most people are living by default and totally unaware of what’s right in front of their eyes. 

In order to be aware you have to really open your eyes and your ears.  That might seem easy but it does require a little bit of work.

You must utilize your intellectual faculties.  The acronym for the intellectual faculties is WIMPIR.

These faculties are will, imagination, memory, perception, intuition and reason.  They are only words until we really understand how to use them effectively.

Awareness indicates that as an individual, you are acutely in tune with your environment most of the time. 

Living in this manner provides you with the opportunity to experience your entire world life experience, more fully.

Some of us have had great teachers in our lifetime.

Is it time to open the door and walk across the threshold towards your destiny?

Coach Franco

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