26 Nov

“Don’t forget, the best coach with the strongest power over your performance is the coach that lives within you.” – Keith Harrell

The most amazing coach on the planet is you. However, most people are seeking outwardly what they already have within themselves.

Looking outward is not the answer.

Look inside and realize that what you are seeking is already seeking you.

You were created for abundance and wealth and not lack and limitation.

You were created for greatness and that greatness lies within you. From the very first moment that you breathed your first breath, greatness was born.

No one in this universe has your DNA.

My acronym for DNA is “Dare to Nurture All.”

Therefore, dare to nurture all that is within you. Many people short change themselves by not realizing that there is something very special within.

Allow that greatness to manifest as it has been waiting for you a very long time.

Carpe Momentum

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