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“Never take life too seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyways.” - Anonymous

Within every individual there is a good, bad and great part of their human personality.

Does a little baby come into existence and instantly decide that they are either going to be good, bad or great in their lifetime?


All the experiences good, bad, or great in the early formative years of a child begin to define some sense of direction.

You don’t water a plant once and walk away.

You nurture it by caring for it every single day with ongoing persistent, unconditional love regardless of present circumstances.

There will always be issues, concerns, and many detours along this journey.

Some people walk.

Some people run.

Some people simply pitch their tent and ride out the storm with faith and everything else that they can muster.

Those that do, always win.

Obstacles along the journey are windows of opportunities.

Many people don’t really understand this as utilizing only their physical eyes constricts their vision.

The naked eye has very limited vision.

The perception of the naked eye is fenced in by the sensory factors see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.

These are invaluable however the inner eye of understanding utilizes the intellectual faculties that are synonymous to a highly intensive microscope that has the ability to see everything.

Tap into this incredible power and begin to manifest your heart’s desire by utilizing these faculties, will, imagination, memory, perception, intuition, and reason.

If you truly want to immerse yourself in this thing called life, you must be the producer, the screenwriter, the director, and everything else that brings your ideas to life.

Don’t hang onto your past achievements, rather cling onto the possibilities that haven’t even happened yet.

Doing this creates a very pristine picture of what you want with incredible, specific detail.

You achieve this by moving into the necessary mind set (frequency) that causes you to think differently about your present circumstances.

Good or bad now evolves into greatness.

Understanding that order and movement are the pillars that create these circumstances that you desire and deserve is pivotal.

All of these experiences that surround us in these formative years begin to shape our destiny.

As a result, the internalization and subsequent visualization along the journey causes magical circumstances to show up right in front of our face.

There is good, bad, and great in all of us.

Nurture the great.

Remember, never take life too seriously as nobody gets out alive anyways.

Carpe Momentum

Franco Cianflone


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