02 Nov

“People would rather find a good alibi than struggle for an achievement. It protects their vulnerable ego and allows them to avoid the brutal truth. Easy is weakness. Hard is strength.” - Darren Hardy

Human beings are passionate, blood flowing energy driven creatures that range from the peaceful dove, playful dolphin to the ravaging piranha, tsetse fly and AFP mosquitoes that kill up to 725,000 people per year.

As soon as the insatiable ego steps into the mix, everything begins to go south. Common sense, logic and everything else that has the ability to stabilize the communication is out the window. The amygdala now kicks everything into high gear and explosive emotions derail any possible solution.

In essence, it’s all about defusing potentially, explosive, destructive and meaningless drama by eradicating the ego, reaction and emotion from the mix to the best of our ability.

Is it easy?

Not in your life!

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