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“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” - Walt Disney

Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper because they said that he lacked imagination and had no original ideas.

Disney knew all about the knowing, doing gap and persevered anyway.

The rest is history.

The knowing doing gap is knowing what to do but not doing it. This phenomenon has been around for many years.

People have the ability and know how in order to complete a task but somehow they fail to complete it.


This is primarily due to this knowing doing gap that is prevalent in society and prevents well-intentioned people from moving forward with any given task.

Are you in the knowing doing gap jail cell?

Is it time to bust out?

You have the only key but your paradigm has this key securely tucked away.

It is known as the controlling X factor.

But who wants to be controlled?

All over the planet people are screaming for independence and freedom from dictatorial forces.

Well, how does it have this power to control you?

In order to understand this better, let's cut deeper into the manifestation of our results.

Let’s move towards our last layer of the circle of results known as the SI or self image.

Call this circle your bank.

You want to input as much information into that part of your human personality because that's the part that's going to cause you to get better results in your life.

As you change the dialogue and input it into this part of your human personality everything begins to change dramatically.

Remember, the paradigm is the controller.

It's a manipulative, controlling, and dictatorial force that calls all the shots whether you like it or not.

It is no different than a controller in a company.

The controller dictates what's going to come in and what's going to go out in many different facets of that company.

All your efforts to move forward will be in vain as the controller has a history of controlling you.

It basically has you in this knowing doing gap jail cell and it has the only key.

The X factor paradigm will do anything to continue to control you and your desired results.

Don’t believe it?

Just look at your results.

Understand this.

Your X factor cannot be trusted.

Your X factor remembers and reminds you that each time you are attempting to do what you already know, it stops you dead in your tracks.

Knowledge is power but it is only potential power unless it is put into massive, decisive action.

Carpe Momentum.

Franco Cianflone


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