16 Jan

 “When something gets stuck in your brain and you find yourself obsessing, you need to clear a path for your mind and body to function properly.” – Barton Goldsmith Ph.D.

You’ve heard this many times that salt and pepper go together.

Would you ever put salt and pepper in the same container?

Of course not! 

However, people do this every single day of their lives.

They place salt, pepper, issues, drama, discourse, anger, distrust and anything else that causes distress into one container.

Ultimately, everything tastes terrible and life becomes overwhelming.

It is much better to place all of the above in separate containers and then deal with them more efficiently.

We have five containers or boxes that carry the label of intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial.

These five boxes allow one to compartmentalize many issues that life presents to us every single day of our existence.

Here’s how it works in real life.

Thoughts, feelings etc. via the physical senses, enter the brain at the spinal cord and have to travel all the way to the front of the brain before anyone can think rationally about the experience.

All this stuff has to travel through the limbic system (feeling) before it gets to the area where rational thought is experienced.

It’s not that complicated as when we are so tightly wound up with the issue, it has very little chance of getting to the front of the brain.

We've all been there.

Now, remember to keep your salt and pepper in separate containers.

Coach Franco

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