23 Jan

“This stuff can’t talk but it can hear and if you call it, it will come.” - Ray Stanford

Yes, call it and it will come. It doesn’t matter what language you speak.

What really matters are the words that are expressed into this thing called money.

Stop reciting lack and limitation scripts to yourself as the Universe is always listening and it does not have a sense of humor.

For this to become real in your life you must understand what the late Keith Harrell stated, “Don’t forget, the best coach with the strongest power over your performance is the coach that lives within you.”

The most amazing coach on the planet is you. 

However, most people are seeking outwardly what they already have within themselves.

Looking outward is not the answer.

Look inside and realize that what you are seeking is already seeking you. 

You were created for abundance and wealth and not lack and limitation.

You were created for greatness and that greatness lies within you.

From the very first moment that you breathed your first breath, greatness was born.

From this moment onward, speak only words of abundance and wealth.

Coach Franco

Carpe Momentum

Mental Toughness For Life Corporate Training

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