11 Mar

“What if today you were inspired and fed by your thoughts instead of being confined by them?” – Marjo-Riika Makela

You should always be prudent when it comes to the “what if” questions in life.

Do everything that you can humanly do with any issue then absolutely release it.

Dwelling on the “what if” questions constantly transforms your psychological house into an inhabitable place.

Stop this, as the X factor loves to prey on your fear, anxiety and panic. It will do anything to prevent you from moving forward with rational thought.

It loves to keep you stuck in your limbic system of the brain with no chance of emotional intelligence.

The following is what Bob Proctor had to say about this infamous X factor in everyone’s psychological house.

“Understand this. X cannot be trusted. Your X factor remembers and reminds you. It’s devious. It’s insidious how devious it is. It will take any path. It has no rules. It will win at any cost. It does not want your Y factor to win. It does not want you to take over. For every failure, for every settling, for everything that’s rote in your life, that’s just not what you hoped it would be, that’s your X factor paradigm assuring you that status quo is the way to go. But who wants status quo?”

Knowledge is power but only if you use it and put it into action.

97% of the planet have no understanding of this phenomenon.

You do.

Coach Franco Cianflone


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