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“You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.” – Zig Ziglar

F.I.R.E is an acronym for fantastically, inspired, raw, energy people.

Fire people make things happen.

These professionals absolutely understand that you can have fun and still accomplish your goals for the day, week, and month. They are experts at what they do. These are people that require no micromanaging whatsoever. They even know the answer before you ask them. They are so good at what they do, as they are continually honing their skills by reading, writing, researching, and continually asking the hard questions that will propel them towards the next level.

No one has to babysit these people as they’re so intrinsically driven that results show up every single time. It almost appears that their results are effortless. They just know what to do.

Present them with a scenario that requires a solution and instantly they will provide you with a solid plan with all the details that will solve the issue at hand.

Are they extraterrestrial?

No way. 

They have blood flowing through their veins just like you and me.

However, they do have the intellectual faculties, WIMPIR (will, imagination, memory, perception, intuition and reason), securely tucked away so that every single time that they are presented with a problem, a solution instantly comes to their aid.

They have this innate ability as the mundane, unimaginative, routine, calculated and plain, drives them absolutely nuts.

You see, they are fantastically self-motivated as they have this ability to release people to their highest good of happiness, success, prosperity and peace of mind.

Hanging on to toxic energy simply kills any opportunity towards performing at this high energy level.

They fully understand that the music within must be played out in its entirety.

They continually ask these questions.

Did I live?

Did I love?

Did I matter?

Did I love is a crucial question as someone once said that love in tennis is nothing but in life it’s everything.

F.I.R.E. people want more.

They are always aiming and stretching for something that they know that they can’t hit with 100% certainty. They believe in themselves beyond present circumstances and are unwilling to quit.

They’re open to new ideas even though they appear to be out of their comfort zone, vividly imagining the end result with such a clear picture before it even comes to fruition.

They continually exceed their expectations with piranha like determination that leads to unparalleled success.


They understand that obstacles can’t stop them. Problems can’t stop them. Other people can’t stop them.

The only one that can stop them is themselves so they get out of their way and make it happen.

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Franco Cianflone


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