04 Jun

“Words are only words but action speaks volumes” — Coach Franco Cianflone

Words without action are useless.


Words are only words and mean nothing unless they are backed by real meaning and purposeful actions.

Today everyone is an expert.

The list of so-called experts goes on and on like a broken record.

For the most part, the noise of words are rampant, conjectured and are intended for notoriety.

However, there are 3 pivotal methods of creating human connections and change.

They are agreement, shock and fascination.

Agreement is basic as all parties agree and are on the same page from the onset.

On the other hand, shock entails an event or issue that absolutely rattles everyone’s cage.

Immediately these people take notice.

This might not occur too often but when it does, all hell breaks loose.

Fascination works beautifully.

Moreover, when people are fascinated with something, they are impelled to move towards it regardless of any other single factor.

Their motivation and interest has been intensely aroused.

The repetition of this interest and arousal is paramount in the success of this strategy.

As people become fascinated by the meaning behind the words, they simply act proactively.

The important ingredient is following through regardless of present circumstances.

People don’t want lip service.

They want action.

They want the words to be real with real talk and not simply air talk.

Therefore, to the best of your ability live this inclusive and diversity quest in homes, schools, communities, businesses, corporations and the greater global village.

Some people make up all sorts of lame excuses in order to deflect responsibility or ownership.

Put your name on it.

We all promote this quest with our word and our action.

Lip service does not live here.

Sometimes young children understand this better than adults.

At the age of nine years old, a young girl once wrote, “The importance of attitude is how you control it. Your attitude changes people as well as yourself.”

Break this attitudinal cycle with decisive and deliberate action.

This life changing action will manifest change in all levels of society.

Enough is enough!

Coach Franco Cianflone


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