08 Apr

“Each one of us is born with a built-in GPS, God Positioning System, a sophisticated navigational package that divinely aligns us with people and events and keeps us from losing our way.” – Squire D. Rushnell

Discover your purpose and your purpose unveils all the pieces of the puzzle that provide the GPS that you need in order to navigate towards your amazing results.

Most of us spend more time planning what to eat for dinner than we spend planning for our lives. If we don’t have a vision, then we will create the life we have always known.

If our vision isn’t anchored in our purpose then we will get off track. Our goals are the means by which we reach our vision that is driven by purpose.

Your goals should scare and excite you. 

97% always ask, “How am I going to do this?” 

Do not ask how are you going to do it, as this will derail the creative process.

More than ever and especially at this juncture in our lives, we must utilize our own personal GPS to guide us efficiently, effortlessly and fruitfully towards our intended purpose regardless of present circumstances.

Today is April 8, 2020 and a friend of mine called and said that it was actually blowing and snowing incredibly. I said, “Wait 10 minutes and then call me back with an update.”  Ten minutes later, the phone rang and the person on the other line said, “You won’t believe it. The sun is shining and everything is melting.”

I’ll say it again and again that present circumstances do not count. 

That does not mean that present circumstances aren’t real. 

Present circumstances are always changing and moving. 

Focusing on present circumstances only intensifies the emotional fallout of whatever is going on in our life.

Your GPS will guide you effectively towards your intended purpose regardless of present circumstances.

Use it. 

If you need to locate your own personal GPS, please avail yourself of this free book, as it is my gift to you.

GPS 101


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