18 May

“Awareness is all about restoring your freedom to choose what you want instead of what your past imposes on you.” -  Deepak Chopra

97% of the population will either never be exposed to these 7 things or feel that winging it in life is a far superior plan of action.

As you look at your life — your future, your income, and your dreams and goals, remember that you have the power to make a decision!

Right now, right here today — you are at your point of power. You can make the decision to accept life as it is or to accept your current level of awareness in any area of your life or you can make the decision to design the kind of life you envision for yourself.

Begin to think about your goals and dreams — then clarify them in your mind and put that vision in writing and into action!

Knowing and applying these 7 things provides you with the freedom to choose how your life will unfold without unnecessary drama.

This is all about stopping the incessant drama and taking your life back.


This is the fight or flight response. People react instead of responding. They play the blame game. “She made me angry.”


We are programmed to conform. We follow the crowd. We don’t really think. “What should I do?”

We behave like sheep. We rely on, “They said”.

“Wow, did you hear that so and so said . . . . . . .”?

“Really, where did you hear that and who told you”? They said”. “Well, who are they”?


This is the desire to be, do or have more than our current circumstances. This is your desire without action. “One of these days” “I’ve been meaning to do it”


We express our uniqueness as a human being through our action. You become aware that there never has been or ever will be another expression of life like you.

As a result, you begin to change and you enter the battleground. The battleground is leaving your comfort zone. As you grow, others will step back into safety. You begin to leave your comfort zone by baby stepping towards your goal. This is the learning process in action.


Give yourself a command and follow through on it. “I’m going to the gym tomorrow.” You do it.

You make a commitment to do it. You also release the intention through your action regardless of present circumstances. You stay focused and move forward. No excuses!


This is the difference between learning and experience. You begin to alter your old paradigms. There is a shift and your level of awareness is heightened. New experiences provide you with more confidence.


You truly begin to respond and are no longer controlled by habit. You simply respond with “isn’t that interesting.” You move out of judgment and step into calmness of mind.

Observation is power now and judgment is weakness.

You no longer react but begin to respond.

Responding to business and life scenarios in a proactive manner creates a win, win environment for all.

Coach Franco Cianflone


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