10 Mar

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” - Nelson Mandela

Life is full of choices.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know which direction to take in life so we make decisions either based on hope or fear.

Choose hope and not fear as choosing fear always leads to the road that is mostly congested with lack and limitation.

Fear really represents false evidence that appears real. However, it appears so real that it does a number on us intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially.

This road is chosen by ninety-seven percent of the population. 

The other freeway is the road that is less traveled. Only three percent of the population choose this freeway. This freeway is absolutely incredible to drive upon because it provides all the results that you want, desire and deserve every single day of your life.

This freeway is fueled by hope and faith. Here is an example of faith. 

One mustard seed can produce over 80,000 seeds; faith as small as a mustard seed.

Faith represents fearless actions in trust and humility. 

You're going to act. 

You're going to move out. 

You're going to do whatever it is that you need to do every single day but you're going to do it in trust; in yourself and in some higher entity or some higher creative force that I choose to call God.

The recipe as I see it, is this:

Burning Desire + Action coupled with gratitude, hope and faith creates results beyond our wildest dreams.

In order for this recipe to work efficiently, we must all have a belief in ourselves beyond faith. 

This must be a belief that transcends all self-imposed restrictions, societal or familial expectations etc.

Choose hope.

Coach Franco Cianflone


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