27 Nov

“Gossiping has become the main form of communication in human society. It has become the way we feel close to each other because it makes us feel better to see someone else feel as badly as we do. There is an old expression that says, ‘Misery likes company,’ and people who are suffering in hell don’t want to be all alone.” – Don Miguel Riaz (The Four Agreements)

Mental toughness with compassion and understanding crushes all of the emotional barriers that are created by gossiping and/or conjecture.

Mental toughness doesn’t mean being rude, arrogant, stubborn, intolerant or tough.  Mental Toughness implies one’s ability to compartmentalize.

You acquire the knowledge and mental strength in order to place issues or problems into very distinct and separate boxes without compromising your emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the key to real success in life and business.

Mental toughness that is coupled by emotional intelligence is the psychological armor required in society today in order to stop the drama and take your life back.

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