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"Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire others to follow." -Vince Lombardi

There will always be leaders and followers and humanity needs both.

People will only follow you when they absolutely understand that following you is all about them and not you.

Their dreams, goals, aspirations, wants and everything else that you can toss into the mix is what it’s all about.

When this happens, they will do whatever it takes to bring your goals to fruition.

I remember walking into a large corporation at one time and the large sign in the CEO’s office read, “You are entitled to my opinion”.


Well, this individual was obviously at the very first level of the leadership ladder as people were probably only following him because they had to.

Was he a nurturer or narcissist?

You already know the answer.

Leadership today requires emotional intelligence at the highest level than ever before.

Mark Twain said, “Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.”

People really don’t care especially if they don’t like you or you don’t fit into their leadership model.

There is a vast array of tools to display their displeasure of your leadership such as twitter, Facebook and a sundry of others.

It’s not easy to discern the difference between lies and facts.

Lack of fact checking, conjecture, on line mobs and misguided emotional missiles are rampant. Some of these people are professionals with real jobs, displaying their true identity, and as a result their employers would be embarrassed by their unprofessional behavior and comments. 

 “Wow, did you hear that so and so said . . . . . . .?”

“Really, where did you hear that and who told you?”

“They said.”

“Well, who are they?”

We love this as we hear it all the time around the water cooler, in the staff room, at the grocery store and anywhere else on the planet where people meet online and offline.

There are so many versions of everything on the planet.

So, how do you gain this emotional intelligence?

You don’t need people’s approval but you do need to listen attentively when people speak.

Hearing is not listening.

Listening implies that you are an active participant in the interaction of ideas.

When you are an active participant, you don’t jump in and interrupt. You listen and then process the dialogue in order to contribute to it effectively.

You have heard this many times.

People don’t care how much you know.

They want to know how much you care.

You demonstrate your ability to care with these words; care, trust, help, listen, observe and serve.

As a result, people will always choose to follow you and your leadership because they want to and not because they have to.

Really care about people by listening and not just hearing.

Be selective, as some people just want to hear the sound of their voice.

You demonstrate how much you care by listening and encouraging them to persist regardless of present circumstances.

Don’t encourage negativity but rather encourage proactive behavior.

Your caring will develop trust and your trust will also enable more listening and real interaction.

Trust is not easily given.

It must be earned and the only way to earn trust is to treat people with respect and provide the necessary information that will enable them to make intelligent, proactive decisions.

Full disclosure and due diligence is what it’s all about.

When it becomes habitual, you don’t even think about it.

You just do it!

The result is more trust and healthier relationships on all levels.

When people understand that they can really trust you, then they will be more open to your ideas and any assistance that you may be able to offer.

It must be genuine.

As this evolves, your sense of awareness and the ability to observe heightens.

You get to see more of what is really happening in your environment and you don’t simply react any more.

You respond as a result of your heightened emotional intelligence.

As you respond, you gain an acute understanding that leading by serving people is a winning scenario for all participants.

Your servant leadership pays huge dividends to you and everyone you interact with on a daily basis.

You begin to understand what really motivates people and most often it is not just money.

Compliance, sticks, and carrots are outdated as engagement is far superior and produces greater results.

These new results are demonstrated in your environment by greater accountability, exponential increase in performance, teamwork, and fun, less stress, anxiety, and worry.

The end result/effect is an incredibly healthy culture that fosters openness, acceptance, intrinsic proactive behavior, and ownership.

This culture of applause is the result of servant leadership.

You lead people by serving them in a professional, authentic, and purposeful manner.

It’s all about relationships.

It’s all about people.

Carpe Momentum

Franco Cianflone


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