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 “Your body is the baggage you must carry through life. The more excess baggage, the shorter the trip.” – Arnold H. Glasow

A gentleman went on a trip and returned home exhausted. His wife asked him to unpack his suitcase so that she could do his laundry.

He returned to work the next day and proceeded with his daily activities. After a week or so, he noticed that he was becoming fatigued and easily irritated by people and issues at work.

His wife also noticed the change in his behavior.

A few days passed and his wife then asked him a simple question. “Did you unpack your suitcase after your trip?”

He immediately retorted, “Of course I did!”

The wife replied, “Not entirely, because you left some items in the suitcase.”

The husband replied in an angry tone, “What could that be?”

“You left some excess baggage, all the negative thoughts, pet peeves, irritants etc.”

Life’s just like that!

We just love to carry excess baggage around daily that weighs us down and robs us of all the beauty, energy, and vibrant possibility thinking that elevates us.

Negative energy does absolutely nothing!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s a huge waste of our valuable time!

Even the mere mention of a negative thought robs us of possibility thinking energy.

Now that doesn’t mean that we’re going to fly around like a butterfly all day with our head in the clouds.

Rather, we are going to approach obstacles as opportunities to grow, prosper and blossom and yes, learn something.

There is a choice!

Take the higher road or take the lower road?

Taking the higher road requires energy, strength, and just plain hard work.

Taking the lower road is easy with no payoff!

But the payoff of the higher road is worth it!

Try it!

It works!

Now here is the how to part.

Be aware.

Be concerned.

Be diligent but do not obsess regarding the online, offline banter, mainstream, alternative media, and a host of others.

Constant 24/7 and 86, 400 seconds of each glorious day exposure has the tendency to create havoc intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

You are far too important and intelligent to succumb to the bait that is offered every single day.

Enjoy the journey and allow your trip to last a long time.

 Carpe Momentum

Coach Franco Cianflone


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