30 Apr

"Look for your opportunities. Thinking of the obstacles will only slow you down and if you can't fix the obstacle go over and through it. This is how you win. Do better today than you did yesterday." - Pierluigi (Louie) Tolaini 1936-2020

How does an immigrant with limited education develop a premier leading provider in integrated transportation solutions to North America's business community?

His story began 56 years ago with an incredible burning desire to succeed in his new chosen land.

It’s incredibly puzzling to see people with doctorate degrees barely scraping by while others with limited opportunities and education make it to the top.

It’s called a burning desire.

Ignite a burning desire within that once you results, it becomes an addiction.

The truth is that everyone wants to be, do, or have more. The only way to achieve this is to embrace information that resonates with your inner core.

Internalize it with feeling and emotion and as a result, a burning desire will arise within.

You will feel alive and vibrant.

The explosive emotion in your mind, body, and spirit creates a volcano of powerful ideas.

The blood flowing through your body is electrified with passion and purpose.


You just woke up and experienced an explosive psychological impact.

The status quo in your life just died and you flipped the switch in your brain from default to design.

This now begs the question.

Are you a conscious competent or an unconscious competent?

 If conditions and circumstances are controlling your results, then you are living 100% on the physical plane of life via your sensory factors; see, here, smell, taste and touch.

However, the conscious competent utilizes the intellectual faculties of will, imagination, memory, perception, intuition, and reason.

Hone these faculties and you might just make it to the top of your chosen vocation.


Please take his advice.

"Do better today than you did yesterday."

Coach Franco Cianflone


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