03 Feb

“Others will be looking at the fire while you are walking through the fire towards your victory and success.” – Coach Franco

What is the meaning of that quote?

Basically, it implies that mental toughness and compartmentalization allows one to place issues and life’s ups and downs into separate boxes so everything doesn’t become overwhelming.

As a result, these people have an incessant intention to move forward as they continually walk through the fire towards their victory and success while others are looking at the fire.

They understand that the negative and manipulative X factor’s primary purpose is to convince people that in order to understand and navigate the current issue is to view it only with their sensory factors.

The X factor’s ploy always appears to be rational but it is deception at the highest level. Any attempt to utilize the intellectual faculties; i.e. will, intuition, memory, perception, imagination and reason are immediately squashed.

The X factor loves to maintain control by keeping most people prisoners in their limbic system of their brain.

The emotional fallout rests here and is intense.

These F. I. R. E. people simply walk through the fire towards their victory and success, as they do not focus on present circumstances, as present circumstances are continually moving and continually changing.

Coach Franco

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