06 May

“It only takes a split second to smile and forget, yet to someone that needed it, it can last a lifetime.” — Steve Maraboli

There will always be a reason to smile in spite of present circumstances.

You need to find it by utilizing your inner eye of understanding. Our inner eye of understanding always supersedes our physical eyes.

We activate this inner eye of understanding with gratitude. Gratitude opens the funnel of life and unleashes the creative process in each one of us. For some, it has been dormant for many years. We fail to appreciate all the gifts that have been given to us unconditionally.

Essentially, we take them for granted. When this happens many of the present moment opportunities to smile go by the boards.

However, gifts of gratitude are all around us.

From time to time, we might have uneventful days that are filled with the what if questions. Suddenly as if from left field someone pops up with a lung machine or other handicap that causes us to wake up and appreciate what we already have in our lives.

It is this God Power of Gratitude consciousness that allows us to receive even more blessings in our lives. These blessings do appear in the form of disappointments, failures or unfortunate events.

They are in disguise.

Utilizing this inner eye of understanding creates the true blessings without the disguise as the inner eye of understanding supersedes our physical eyes.

A glass filled with dirt and water will remain intact until more clean water is poured into the glass and ultimately the water becomes clearer and clearer.

Gratitude that is coupled with an inner eye of understanding works in the same way. A more grateful attitude increases the flow of more blessings and the funnel becomes open and flowing with abundance and wealth.

Gratitude, inner eye of understanding and your self-talk are interchangeable.

It’s your journey and it’s your life. Be a sentinel to your self-talk 86,400 seconds of each glorious day and seize the opportunity to smile.

Look for it.


Coach Franco Cianflone


Carpe Momentum

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